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More often than I'd like, my Outlook and Firefox are painfully slow to download when I turn on my PC. My first inclination is to blame Avast, since it brings things to a halt every time it updates.

Assuming it is Avast (I have a cable Internet connection), should I uninstall it and reinstall it? Or is there a simpler method.

And, what is my best setting for VRDB? it's at "Generate only when screen saver is running." Should I change that?

I admit, stupid questions. But all help would be welcome.

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My email and browsing don't appear to show any appreciable slowness, the strange thing, me on dial-up.

If this also extends to avast's auto updates I find that as a) it is incremental and measured in KBs rather than MBs, b) the auto update also use a tweak to restrict the CPU% used in the update, so there is most certainly something wrong.

However I don't feel a reinstall is the way to go as there may be something else in the mix that won't change with a reinstall.

What is your OS ?
What is your CPU and how much RAM do you have ?
What is your firewall ?

Have (or did) you another AV installed in this system, if so what was it and how did you get rid of it ?

Leave that VRDB at the default setting, it will run every three weeks (21 days), but for the first time click the Generate Now option. Do that when you aren't going to be busy the first time might take a while, depending on your system spec, and how many executable files you have on your system. It doesn't copy them, but takes info on the file to assist in repairing them if infected.
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I do not have any problems with slowing caused by my avast I am even able to watch movies and stuff online when avast updates without things being stopped or slowed the only problem I have experienced it that the sound of the shows I am watching are not as loud as the avast update notification so it BLASTS out of my speakers scaring the crap out of me every time  :o but none of my programs are slowed or halted during this time perhaps if you do uninstall and reinstall these issues you are having will be fixed. I hope this helps.

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WaldoPepper, you've asked for help but never came back to check ???
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