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EXchange 2007 and mailrouting
« on: April 20, 2009, 12:43:11 PM »
soon we will implement our new exchange 2007 solution, but we need to implement mailrouting.

the mailrouting will be taken care of by the hub role from exchange 2007
the addresses that are nog found on my domain will be mailrouted with smarthosts to another server somewhere else in my country.
We will probably (depends on what we can service) be the first server the mail arrives and we want to protect our partners from virusses

the exchange 2007 plugin will catch mail with virusses, but at which level does it do this? in the mailbox role or in the hub or edge role?

its important to know becuz it will be one of the main reasons for the decision to be the main server and to use an extra hosted service for spam/virus control

had a meeting this afternoon, things have changed we will probably be goin to use a 3rd party provider that catches our mail and provide it as a popbox... meaning we wont be doing mail routing anymore....

still i would like to know the part in which exchange role avast exchange 2007 plugin is integrated :D
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