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Unable to download avast
« on: April 21, 2009, 03:34:20 AM »
Benn having problems with Avast blocking internet explorer usage on Vista.  Using windows firewall.  Had to disable webshield.  Disabled firewall and still have problems.  Unable to update either with connection to problems.

So... uninstalled avast using ashclear utility.  Downloaded latest version of avast 4.8 home.  Now setup wont work!

20.04.2009 21:30:29 general: Started: 20.04.2009, 21:30:29
20.04.2009 21:30:29 system: Operating system: Windows Vista ver 6.0, build 6001, sp 1.0 [Service Pack 1]
20.04.2009 21:30:29 system: Memory: 46% load. Phys:1108568/2086172K free, Page:3256768/4194303K free, Virt:2028956/2097024K free
20.04.2009 21:30:29 system: Computer WinName: MATT-PC
20.04.2009 21:30:29 system: Windows Net User: Matt-PC\Matt
20.04.2009 21:30:29 general: Old version: ffffffff (-1)
20.04.2009 21:30:29 system: Using temp: C:\Users\Matt\AppData\Local\Temp\ (23203M free)
20.04.2009 21:30:29 internet: SYNCER: Type: use IE settings
20.04.2009 21:30:29 internet: SYNCER: Auth: another authentication, use WinInet
20.04.2009 21:30:29 general: Install check: Program folder does NOT exist in registry
20.04.2009 21:30:29 general: SGW32P::CheckIfInstalled set m_bAlreadyInstalled to 0
20.04.2009 21:30:31 general: progress thread start
20.04.2009 21:30:31 general: Destination: C:\Users\Matt\AppData\Local\Temp\
20.04.2009 21:30:31 general: Starting download:
20.04.2009 21:30:31 internet: ERROR:HttpGetWininet, catch returned 0x00002EFD
20.04.2009 21:30:31 general: Download finished from server, result: 0x20000004, server response: 12029
20.04.2009 21:30:31 general: Stats, server response: 536870916
20.04.2009 21:30:31 general: POST result: 0x20000004, server response:

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Re: Unable to download avast
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2009, 03:49:35 AM »
The 0x20000004 error is a "proxy down" error.  Avast forum member VLK says: "that is, server unreachable (or in other words, "cannot connect to the updating server")"

Is there any other Firewall installed on the machine besides Vista's own firewall?

Have you had any previous Anti-virus program installed on this computer before installing avast?

The last thing that I would suggest is to take a look at your hosts file to see if there are any entries that could be blocking avast's update servers.

A blank "default" configuration of the windows hosts file should basically have only one entry ( localhost).

If you use a proxy server (unlikely for a home user) then, you'll need to put the proxy settings in avast, so that it may reach the internet.
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