Author Topic: Found two websites infected by iframe (please reply to this one)  (Read 2926 times)

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Hi, I want to inform everyone about two websites infected by the iframe.
They are two Italian websites: one is, the other is
In both cases, the problems start when you try to watch the videos: you are asked by the firewall to allow (or not) a Quick Time application to run (something like quittask.exe). If you allow it, the bar in the very top of my Mozilla Firefox browser (my operating system is Windows Vista) turned from black to blue, and when I closed my browser the desktop disappeared for a while and then appeared again. Moreover, I found three new exceptions to the Windows Firewall, each of them was unnamed but with a box checked (in the beginning of the list of the exceptions) so I unchecked the boxes and deleted such exceptions. After that, I disinstalled Quick Time, but I wonder if there is something more I should do.
Thank you
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Re: Found two websites infected by iframe (please reply to this one)
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Hello and Welcome to the forum.

please remember it's better to post the links to the suspicion sites in this format: hXXp://
so, please edit your last post.


wish you all the best,