Author Topic: The icon yesterday has the letter it is SHE stopped it doesn't rotate more BECAU  (Read 4830 times)

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                      Does anybody know how to inform me, the icon of the letter the one what is the clock of the windows close to when you the letter is navigating it is she rotating type scaneando it makes up it that you are visiting, I noticed that my letter is she stopped estagnada, is she rotating when it navigated and is she now stopped anybody he/she knows how to inform the one what it is happening? 
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-= Stopped..? Is there a red slash sign [something that looks like no smoking] below the icon..?
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i believe i understand what you are saying:

when you browse folders on your harddisk, or browse over internet pages the avast icon is rotating. But when you do nothing special the avast icon is standing still.

that is explainable....  the avast icon rotates when it is scanning files. So opening folders with files, avast on access will scan the files quickly for a sign of virusses. When you are browsing internet or downloading with newsgroups or so, there are new files coming in and the avast on access scanner will scan those virusses before they are actually accessed by any other programs

thats why the icon (letter) is rotating


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Hello friends   
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                      Many thank you for the attention. I gave a boot in it plans it and the problem was solved   


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-= Stopped..? Is there a red slash sign [something that looks like no smoking] below the icon..?