Author Topic: check your wi-fi security...???  (Read 2211 times)

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check your wi-fi security...???
« on: December 08, 2009, 04:34:36 PM »
first let me tell you this is a paid service and I'm not ready to pay for that. Just for those interested if any (?), I got this from a Register article:

...and here is the check point  ;D

edit: interesting  :D ... from the FAQ:
What if you don't find my password?
The job costs the same whether we find your password or not. You're paying for either the recovery (which is most often the case), or the knowledge that if you were to build an exhaustive 135 million word dictionary file and run your handshake against it for five days, you'd find nothing
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Re: check your wi-fi security...???
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2009, 05:38:39 PM »
I'm sure it would be worth the money for someone...

Pretty cool idea though
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