Author Topic: avast deleted my Parallels disk image for running windows...  (Read 2041 times)

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Can I restore the paralles file and hence my windows?  Does Avast have an undo?  OR do they move the 'virus' and rename the file?  If so can I restore it?  There is data there that I need and I don't want to loose it by having to reinstall windows.

I have checked the FAQ's and found nothing and have yet to hear back from my email sent to Tech support.


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Re: avast deleted my Parallels disk image for running windows...
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2009, 01:39:24 AM »
Well avast doesn't take autonomous action, it scans and alerts to infection, if you chose Delete it is history as it doesn't back it up anywhere.

The best option is to send to the chest, but I would say in this case the file size would have been bigger than the maximum file size to send (Program Settings, Chest). The chest does allow for restore.

The Move/Rename option sends it to the avast4\data\moved folder and appends .vir to the file name.

So if you deleted it the only way to get it back is if you had a file recover program to recover deleted files and the longer you leave that the less successful it is likely to be.

Recuva Deleted File Recovery application -, also see Builds, as the Portable version would help as it doesn't have to be installed and the slim version if you don't like toolbars. I don't know if the portable version would work with another OS, if you are running Parallels on a MAC, but presumably you could find one to work from a MAC.
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