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When the virus Alert window pops up everything pauses, specifically the download, is there a way to automatically tell the program
to just put the files in the chest everytime and not ask me for a response?


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This is possible only in Professional version (see picture here:

In Home version you can check the option "Don't show this window again" as soon as the first virus warning appears, and click on "No action" button. This way, nothing will be done and you will be presented the results at the end (and you can perform actions from there).

Well, that's the way it is, I am afraid; you may call it a limitation of the Home Edition of avast!. In the Professional Edition, you can configure the task to perform automatic actions (or, don't do anything).
In the Home version, you may check the "Don't show again" checkbox in the Virus warning dialog - but only after the first virus has been found (because you won't see the virus dialog until then).

Or you can use Silent Mode:

Left click the 'a' blue icon.
It will start On-access protection

Click on Internet Mail and then on Customize.
Go to Advanced tab and select Silent Mode and the default answer No. This will send the file (email) to Chest.
But take a look here:

Do the same for the and Outlook/Exchange plugin.
The answer Yes in Silent Mode keeps the virus in the file or into the message (attach) and continue the scanning. You can't configure 'delete the infected file' in the Home version.

You can do the same for Standard Shield provider, but it won't be a good idea...

Silent mode in the case of the WebShield provider simply means that avast will keep pressing the "Abort connection" button for the user automatically.
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for standard shield,
on-access protection control-->standard shield-->customize-->advanced-->silent mode [with general answer no (cancel)]

This will cause an automatic action which is to move the infected file to the chest. P2p and im shields depend on standard shield. so this setting will apply to them also.

for web shield,
on-access protection control-->web shield-->customize-->advanced-->silent mode

With this setting, connection to infected web sites will be automatically aborted.

you can set silent mode for internet mail and outlook shields as well.

edit: Tech was faster, lol. :P btw, he is already asking for real time protection, not on-demand scans. so home edition will be enough for him.
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Personally I feel the silent mode is bad, I want to know what is going on with my system, especially if this were the web shield as you want to know if the site you are visiting has had detected malware, etc.
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