Author Topic: my icon of the avast virus recovery database VDRB generator that it disappeared  (Read 7277 times)

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somebody knows it informs me my icon of the avast virus recovery database VDRB generator that it disappeared I that is near the icon of the letter the. 

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-= It could have been merged with main avast icon..
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For the 'i' icon (VRDB):
Check your avast4.ini file settings. Click 'Settings' in my signature and browse for the VRDB section.
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Ummmmmm............................. That isn't helping the user plus its way offtopic...

(There might be a buisness thats messing with us)

Did you make sure it wasn't merged into the avast icon? Right click and look for VRDB.
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Don't comment/post, that just brings the topic up to the top of the chronological list. Just report it fro what it is link spamming, against the forum rules.
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