Author Topic: Can't Install SBS for SBS 2003 -- Installer extracts but doesn't seem to launch  (Read 3092 times)

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Hello all!  I'm trying to install Avast for SBS on a Windows 2003 SBS machine.  When I attempt to run the downloaded file, it seems to be extracting, however when it's done the extract process, it doesn't seem to want to do anything further. 

I'm thinking I've got some form of malware preventing Avast from running/installing?  System seems to run OK and has been in a pretty well controlled environment, and I don't know of anything that would prevent me from installing ... Any advice is appreciated -- thanks!


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try downloading the installer again, it could be corrupt

if u see where the extraction happens, browse to that place and see if u can manually start the setup or if there are logs in that directory check the logs