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check this out please
« on: July 13, 2009, 09:16:13 PM »

i am not sure if i posted this already here or not if i did i will try and fine and delete the other one i tried to scan down thre all the question i have but i could not fine this one. i had wrote this on notepad 1st

i tried to make this shorter but could not
i have been up all night here doing this one email. i tell you that so you may understand me better. lack of schooling, {diss-lek see-ic} cannot spell it. if i was to talk to you derreckly you would not have any trouble understand me i am so sorry this is long i just hope i did it good enough to be ask in the forum please read all if it does not make sence to you and you cannot put up with how i try to post right i will understand

I need to say a few personal {sorries} to you and the other admin here as well as 2 forum.
my spelling is bad some times i have to use other words like i used sorry instead of the other word  that should go there because i can not spell it even likes it sounds so you would not know what i am trying to spell. i kick my self in the but all the time for not staying in school when i was a kid.
     when I 1st started the question here i made a mistake in both forums because on this new computer i was looking only for information on my husband computer. i was just wanted to bookmark the microsoft pg that had that one driver on it so later i could put it on a disk to install in my husband computer later. i was trying to just work on my computer. but when the first time i saw that some one misunderstood me and thought i was just working on my husband computer. he thought all the problems was on my husband computer. then i got confuised my self and started to explane the trouble with both computers and was trying to get information on both of them, and was working into 2 forums. it got out out of control and every one got lost. i did not know all the iformation things i needed to give you i only know some of them. like i do know what OS means operateing system, but most of the others ones i do not know what they are for. i did not know for each letter what they stood for. i have had some mix up before in a forums but not near like this one. it is easy for me to read most time, but it is remembering the information i have trouble with.
    on my computer while only suppost to be looking for the NTLDR to put on a disk.

    on the new computer my husband was on for awhile and it was working fine then i got on and was on a microsoft pg when i got on this new computer. i had to get up for a little bit and when i came back i saw like a different kind of plaine pattern with tan brown gold color squar'es all over I tried tapping esc a few times. then ctrl alt, delete and could not get task manger to come up so i tried turning it off the hard way and after holding the off key down for about 50 sec. and it went off. i waited a bit turn it back on and must not have left it off long enough be cause the screen was black and saw some thing like this ll//ll//\\\ then space here and there. those kind of things were all over the screen. it would not even go off my holding the off key down. what I had my husband do was shut it down unplug every thing then put the battery back in and turn it on again and it worked.
     before that a couple of times then screen went black i taped ctrl alt delete a few times task manager came up and was able to shut it down the right way. waited a bit turn it on and it worked again. there is some thing els should be here but i forget.

 i think what may have cosed that trouble was when 1st got it home it  had the norton virus scanner in it. i hate nortin and well never use it again. i unstalled it and put the paid for version in of AVG. i never got it install all the way it should be for many reason. you could only use email for support to get help and I paid over $70.00 for it. you would think by buying the scanner you could get a phone no to  talk to a live person. i am using AVAST VIRUS SCANNER and it is the best scanner i everhad.

      then I found out you needed to use a removal tool on both of them. witch i used both removal tool many times.  i tried for a 11 month to get it installed right. the way it was it would catch the virus  i had to use all 3 at different times witch are the malware,superantispyware spyware blaster and with a lot of great help.  got rid of these different virus at different times.

                        NOW HERE IS THE PROBLEM
avg and nortin is not to be on this computer at all but, when i check sercuity on this computer i saw AVG firewall on and windows firewall off.  i will say i used the removal for both avg and nortin scanner. i hope i said every thing i have wrote you makes the right kind of sence, and it is good enought to stay in the post.
                            INFORMATION ON COMPUTER
       here is some information on the computer if i leave some thing out let me know bye the saying the hold  word please, or can you give me a short list of what you need by writting the one letter and what each letter mean's.   microsoft windows vista.
version/bulid  6.0
service pack    2
architecture 32-bit
I do not know if you need to know the service ID no or not if you do it is 19053

I dont know if you need the serial no. or not but you may need the product number witch KN854UA#ABA it is also a HP pavilion windows vista laptop. if i have left some think out some thing please let me know and where i would go to fine it thanks Sharon  sham1313

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