Author Topic: clicking on in avast ball does not bring up default browser -why?  (Read 7064 times)

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That sounds more like a browser issue than Avast. Have you changed anything recently and then forgot about it? This happens to me more than I would care to admit.

The only thing that has changed are auto updates from Avast and Firefox3.  I don't use IE6 or Opera 8 that much and SeaMonkey is default browser which is open when Avast opens FF with that link.

Interesting discussion but doesn't solve my problem.  Maybe time will. ;)


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Since I last viewed this topic I've learned that website developers can design links to open in certain ways. A link can be designed to open in the same window, a new window or a new tab for example. They can also be designed to only open IE too. Microsoft used to do this a lot but I haven't noticed it so much lately. If you're using Seamonkey, there might be an addon that will override, but I'm not sure.


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Yes they can, which is a pain, but most tend not to specify and use the default.

If anything opens a link in IE, it gets killed by me immediately.
likewise here...

But avast opened my default browser (Google Chrome)... no problems here...