Author Topic: Installing ADNM / NetServer on SBS 2008  (Read 3937 times)

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Installing ADNM / NetServer on SBS 2008
« on: July 22, 2009, 08:49:37 AM »
I have read the different posts on the installation of ADNM on (Small Business) Server 2008. They seem to focus mainly on the installation of the named instance of SQL Express. The information is useful and my ADNM installation went smoothly.

- When starting ADNM the login box does not detect the AMS. I can login after typing in the name or IP address of the server manually
- I created a server installation package (NetServer with Network Shield, Web Shield, Standard Shield, Exchange 2007) and deployed that to the server. Installation went fine, server restarted.
- After the restart the Avast icon showed up in my system tray. I cannot click (left, right, double) it. Nor can I start Avast; the splash screen shows (scanning memory) and then disappears again
- My Exchange Information store cannot start. This problem is described in other posts; I can start the information store after disabling the virusscanning by changing the registry key.

All is done on a single Small Business Server 2008 on Dell hardware. I have looked for OneCare or other preinstalled av software, but could not find any.

Can anyone help? I'll be more than happy to provide additional details! I'll post "a complete-and-updated SBS 2008 installation guide" once I get things working!


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Re: Installing ADNM / NetServer on SBS 2008
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2009, 09:21:15 AM »
hi there

its good to see you got it working so far on sbs2008

point 1 probably needs a reinstall (or another reboot), which u wouldnt want to do at this moment i think :) but i must admit thats just a guess... maybe there is something in the log files or something

that you cannot click it might be one of the settings in ADNM..
go to the computer group where your computer object is located in ADNM, rightclick on that folder and choose properties
click on LOCAL SCANNERS (located under Policies) and see if all the radio buttons are on disabled, if so change to ask for password or enabled

the exchange store is a different story....
u probably have read my postings on it as well in here...
i have just one more possibility that can make it work becuz of a lotus domino problem and solution given that i have been participating in on the forum....
try disabling the avast self defense module, change the registry settings to the correct value so every starts like it should after a reboot and ofcourse reboot (you could also choose to restart several of the exchange services, but with the reboot you make sure it works whenever you have to reboot the server again... which hopefully wouldnt be too much ;))