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Stand Alone Avast Virus/Worm/Trojan Scan
« on: February 06, 2009, 11:05:13 AM »
I wish that ALWIL software will introduce an "stand alone virus scan" for Operating System with infected files which can be handy for everyone who aren't able to install avast in the first place when using standard installation process.. However i would like to share about this worm/trojan that spreading into the entire WEB
the W32/Confi or Conficker.x it spreads and infect the svchost.exe net services.. its a little worm thats disable the user to access into security website related

The Windows\System32\x.file

i dont know where it comes but i already get rid of that.. it always make a copy in system32 folder which was always detected by avast that have contain malicious file.. so what i did is to create a file and rename it with the filename "x" save it to sytem32 folder mark as read-only.. pop-up message is gone..

I do not actually have an anti virus software installed on my PC. when i saw AVAST on my brother PC he always do the BOOT-TIME-SCAN which is the power full virus scan with DOS based from avast well a great interest in me to do the same thing.. sadly to say that i wasn't able to install AVAST 4 in my pc so i do the manual scan using recovery console of windows operating system.. in my scan i figure out that there is something wrong with my system.. there is a file with random name and weird name so i look for virus definition into the web found out that this is a process virus that block the windows installer to run, a worm that kills the safeboot key into the registry.. so what i did is to slave my HD to my brothers pc and run a full-standard scan.. avast detected W32/sality.gen into all of my .exe files and all i did was move it to virus chest. after the scan complete I put back my HD and successfully install avast4 Trial then in the sudden my mozilla firefox browser crash exe file is missing... REINSTALL ALL APPLICATION

Problem Solved.. ^ ^ just sharing experience

Still Testing AVAST

Avast blocked connection in my network accessing my computer with no antivirus software installed -great protection virus will not be transfer in ftp or over network

Avast on access protection has a very good detection.. almost all is totally scan during windows operation

Avast Scan work with the background is a great feature

Avast didn't heal any files detected with virus or worm  - maybe i am using the trial version

Thats all.. Convince me more and i buy license


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Re: Stand Alone Avast Virus/Worm/Trojan Scan
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2009, 03:20:19 PM »
How do you mean that you "slave your HD to your brothers PC"? Did you connect via the network and map the drive on your pc from your brothers pc? I have a machine infected with that horrendous MalWarrior virus/trojan/spyware....whatever it is. The Malwarrior is insidious in that it takes administrative control away from you, makes the control panel disappear