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Avast Screensaver scan
« on: July 26, 2009, 05:50:26 AM »
Hi, i'm new to the forums but have used Avast for about 6 months+. Great program. Love how it's blocked me from websites that contained malware and such. Haven't had any viruses though so don't know about that lol. Anyway the point of this thread:

I want to start regularly scanning my computer using Avast Home 4.8. I haven't bothered but now am going to as I installed Avast on another computer in the house. I am attempting to figure out how to set up a scheduled scan using home edition. I have seen this:;action=display;threadid=3796 and it works great but want to be able to use the same idea but with a standard or thorough scan. I was thinking that maybe I could use the avast screen saver scan but have a few questions about it. Is it a quick scan or standard or thorough and with/without archiving? Is there a way to change that? And finally, what happens if a virus is found with the screen saver scan? Like does it do the same thing as any other scan with a pop up like this:

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Re: Avast Screensaver scan
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2009, 03:13:11 PM »
Once you select the avast! antivirus as yoyr screen saver click the Settings button as that many options.

Areas: default - all HDDs, you can be more selective.
Types: default - Scan default extensions (same as the Standard Shield extensions) and you can add others.

So these two basically say it isn't the same as the ashQuick.exe nor the Thorough scan (scans all files) of the Simple User Interface (on-demand) scan.

There are many other Options you can configure.
So this scanning option is much more configurable and flexible than either of the scans you mention.

Check the Virus option on the avast! antivirus settings as that you can configure to deal with virus detections. Deletion should be in my opinion never used as an option (you have none left), I would only use the Move to Chest.

However, I don't use this feature I prefer to do a manual scan (Standard sensitivity, without Archives) with my regular weekly maintenance tasks (this doesn't take long, but my system isn't chock-a-block with data).
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