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Flashing hotmail
« on: July 28, 2009, 01:49:30 AM »
I had to reinstall Avast after having trouble with a linkys router installation. Now I have to shut down Avast 4 home to get into MSN hotmail. If I don't shut it down the log in screen flash's until I do.
Also I read 4 or 5 forums and they will no longer up date, or go to the next page until I turn off avast. If I click on show new messages I get a screen that says no new messages, I now have to go into each forum and look for the dates now. I have looked into Avast for settings but I can't seem to find the right place to shut off for this. I have tried to turn off each of the 6 running, nothing changes till I turn off avast.
I hope you can help me, at my wits end here.
                                                                     Thanks Al