Author Topic: getting avast to scan video files downloaded in a browser-embedded player  (Read 1628 times)

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Hi all,
I'm rather unskilled on the topic, but I wonder if and how video files played inside an embedded player in the browser could be a security threat. Also, how con I make avast antivirus scan these files on-line (I mean on-the-fly as the video stream gets received from the Internet?)

1. Does the web shield already care about doing it?

2. The video traffic always passes from port 80 when using a player which is a browser plugin?

3. Maybe I have to remove the MIME type "video/*" from the list of exceptions in the settings of the web shield to get avast scanning inbound video streams? I have Firefox with shockwave plugin, so the mime type is application/x-shockwave-flash, wich is not in the exceptions list. Is it enough to be sure that the web shield scans the video stream? It seems to me that during the playing of the videos the antivirus remains idle (the traybar icon doesn't spin round).

4. BTW what is the video/* MIME extension intended for and why is it put in the exceptions list by default? Is it safe not to scan video streams coming inbound? Would that be too much a performance overhead scanning it?

Thanks in advance,