Author Topic: Help with red dot,uninstall,I get these errors when updating :  (Read 1416 times)

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I have had avast Home edition online protection control /virus scanner for some time now, it has been great until recently I got the "red dot issue?" I followed alll directions given on FAQ, but nothing worked?!, I tried to uninstall to reinstall but I can't uninstall it my computer has it locked in I quess? when I try to go through add/remove programs when I click to remove I get the windows bell ring" the avast program still remains unremoved?.
I have tried to reinstall  and regisister homing to fix this issue?, nothing.
I have tried to run the scanner it will not run ?.
I have tried to update VPS from your site  I get this error:

"can't install VPS update Please report following errocodes:


I have installed another VP which I don't like and have removed it,I am no tech this computer for home use only " internet" , now I'm  not sure how unprotected that I am?, please help asap

running windows XP media center 2002 servic pack 3

thanks sachetby
so I am here. what do I do to get it working again?,