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Re: Outlook 2007 doesn't close properly after update to 7.0.1426
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If this can help someone: flwg installation of Avast 7, Outlook was freezing when trying to send an email. I finally found that there was a conflict with the Business Contact Manager and followed the procedure on to disable BCM in my registry. Since then, no more problems!

I have the same problem here after upgrading to AVAST 7 Pro a few days ago.
The Outlook totally freezes after I try sending an e-mail. (The e-mail seems to go away to the recipient).
I have to end Outlook via the Task Manager and restart it, then it works just fine until I send another e-mail.
I have tried to Inactivate Avast shields and the E-mail Shield in particular but not much better.

I also have Contact Business Manager in Outlook - but I need it, since I have all the companys contacts in CBM.

Is this problem only occuring with OL+CBM? I have several PCs CBM-connected via SQL, but the problem occurs regardless wheter I work offline or online on the CBM/SQL..

The problem doesnt occur on all my computers, and they have the same setup. This one with the problem isnt even the SQL-server.

It is enough just to open an e-mail for Outlook to hang/freeze now.

Found this:
If after upgrading to Avast! Antivirus 7.0.1426 causes emails not to send from Microsoft Outlook, try the following steps as a work-around:

1.Close down Outlook
2.Open avast! user interface by clicking on the icon in your system tray (near clock)
3.Under Real-Time Shields (on the left), click Mail Shield.
4.Un-check “Scan outbound messages”.
5.Click the “Stop” button. Wait 30 seconds.
6.Click Start Button.
7.Open Outlook and see if your message sends.
Source: My experience on Windows XP Pro SP3 and Microsoft Outlool 2003 SP3. GoDaddy’s outgoing mail server ( was involved and still gave me problems after the avast! setting changes. I switched to my ISP’s outgoing mail server The combination between the mail server and the avast! changes got me back up although I’m not completely sure why.

This does not work for me...  :'(
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