Author Topic: Network problem with Win 7 x64 (RTM MSDNAA) paired with Win XP MCE (using avast)  (Read 2171 times)

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I have a very specific problem I have a Win XP MCE machine with several network shares with full permissions on it. I've got several computers running Win XP and they can access these just fine. I've got one computer running the RTM version of Windows 7 Pro (x64) that can read and delete from these shares but as soon as any writes are attempted it's as if someone pulled the MCE-machine off the network for a short while. Nothing can be written using normal windows shares. (I can access it via FTP but that's a different thing entirely obviously)

What has all this got to do with avast? Well, it's the cause. I'm running avast home 4.8 on the Win XP MCE machine and if I disable "Nätverksskydd" in Swedish, probably called "Network Protection" in english versions of avast, everything works as intended...

Bug/feature/wait for avast 5/suggestions....?



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Problem remains...


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I wonder how many people are running Windows 7 x64?

Maybe Windows 7 support forum would be better?