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     I was wondering how licensing was going to be handled once the network admin piece goes production.  Will ADNM track all the licenses for the clients or will we have to install the licenses on each client individually?  If the clients need to be installed individually will there be a way to do that during remote deployment of the client?

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Licensing is checked on the server by default. That is, if the clients are in touch with the server they use its license. If the license on the server expires, so it does automatically on the clients.

There's a special mechanism for handling of notebooks etc. - machines that are not permanently connected to the server. In that case, there's a licensing requirement that the notebook must be connected to the server at least once in 21 days (this value may change in the release build but is hardcoded in the program).

If there's a requirement to take the notebook out for a longer period of time, you must provide it with its own license file.

We'll add a chapter about this to the Quick Start guide shortly.
Also, a beta refresh is coming really soon. Thanks for your patience.

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