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Win32: Trojan-gen help me I'm clueless
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I installed avast and did the scan and it came up with the virus Win32: Trojan-gen.  Name of file is: C:\Windows\System32\enflib.dll.  I am using Windows Vista.  Not to make myself look bad but I am a girl and though I am an average computer user when it comes to this I am clueless and I need this explained to me in simple English.  I need to know what to do to get rid of this virus, step by step.  Thanks to anyone who can help me!!!
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Win32:Trojan-gen means a Windows 32 bit trojan detected by generic signatures.

 Are you using the beta, specifically avast 5? For the meantime, let the file stay in the chest and proceed to further scanning.

Malwarebytes Antimalware (MBAM) ============

1   Download Malwarebyes' Antimalware here
2   Proceed to installing MBAM after downloading
3   On the last dialog box, do not forget to leave Update Malwarebytes' Antimalware and Run Malwarebytes' Antimalware checked
4   Malwabytes' Antimalware GUI would appear, from there select Perform Quick Scan and click Scan
5   When scan is completed, click Show Results
6   Click Remove Selected and then, a notepad file will appear.
7   On the notepad window, click File > Save As and save it on your desktop. You may now close MBAM.
8   Go back here and attach the .txt file on your next reply by clicking Aditional Options... in the reply window
I downloaded the 4.8 home version just yesterday.  I followed your instructions and have the attached file.  Hope this helps!  Let me know what to do next.  Thanks so much!
Hi valleycem,

The file you mentioned is part of a vundo infection - also consider this cleansing routine for the programs and tools used - mark your situation can be quite different than the victim in the example cleansing routine:
Also consider the info here: http://www.prevx.com/filenames/3229523333808601654-X1/ESUBX.EXE.html

Ok that last reply didn't help.  I need to know what to do to fix this infection or whatever it is.  Step by step, what to do.  Also, is this something that can cause my laptop to shut off by itself?  It has been doing that lately.  Please help me to get this resolved!!
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