Author Topic: Win32:Delf-MZG Are you kidding with us? Avast can damage worse than a worm!  (Read 2755 times)

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Since I turned on my PC, today, I'm wasting time with avast alerts and more alerts.
There be worms in my RAM either! 

A Realtek program executes sound in some PCs.
Realtek RTHDCPL.exe is in my system for a year.Right now it become an awful trojan worm.

Aviconverter. exe is a video converter. I use this program for a long time but now its executable file became a terrible worm.

This kind of error couldn't happen.
Are AVAST Kidding with thousand people?


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Update the virus defs to version 091203-1. It is working well again.



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Please understand that this has costed hours of our time to deal with and figure out. Unless one visited the Avast forums, one had no idea what was going on, and that includes the vast majority of average users. I happen to be very technology literate and was able to find the cause of the issue very quickly, but the countless friends and family members I have recommended Avast to, and even installed on their computers, do not understand this.

As I have stated in another post, we as Avast users need to be informed of exactly how this screw up occurred and what steps are being taken to prevent this from occurring again.

Thank you.