Author Topic: Delf-MZG false positive.  (Read 1424 times)

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Delf-MZG false positive.
« on: December 04, 2009, 06:35:23 AM »
Hey i got a shock too when this false positive thing happened and avast moved god knows how many trojans to the chest untill it eventually said it could not take any action as the disc is full ??what disc i ask?? if it means the chest then whats going to happen if i get a real threat?/is the disc or chest going to be4 full?/.
The only thing i have noticed wrong so far has been DVDvideosoft free studio wont launch from the desktop icon or the program itself saying that the path does not exist or has been changed.This is wher the last trojan (False one) was sitting and because i couldnt get out of that situation i chose to click on rename and move so i probably have done that myself and just have to figure out how to put it right but i am not ditching Avast for another antivirus, ive been using it for about 5 years now starting with the home free edition and now using the pro edition.Avast has never missed a virus on both of my computers whereas i have tried just about all of them and most failed at some stage.
Do you think a system restore would help sort things out.?