Author Topic: do u know any virus, trojans, or malware that disables game loading & playing?  (Read 2704 times)

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Each time I execute any game, the game wont load, the screen will be filled with some colored dots (usually blue), it will stop loading then restarted the computer. I also felt my computer is running a bit slower. Does anybody know what is this? And how can I fix it?
For the record I have run a test with MBAB, SAS, and AVast as well, but unfortunately the problem has still not ended. I still cannot load any game I have and I can not even start my Ubuntu.

One more thing, I did try to run a test over some file which I thought was the source of the problem in Dr. Web but the result shown error, they say "Uploaded file size is zero bytes long." when infact it was 1,99 GB. Those files I've tested called "Hiberfil.sys" & "pagefile.sys", both in c:. I suspect there are some more, but I hope not.

Please help.. Thank u very much..

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Hi Zynga,

Would you please share more specific about :
1. What is your recently OS and game?
2. Have you did boot time scan with avast on your PC?

Related about Hiberfil.sys, please visit to :

Related about pagefile.sys, please visit to :

Referred to those information, i think they are not harmful files.
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ok.. my OS is Windows XP SP3 and the most recent game that I've installed was Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, which I'm certain that my computer is able to operate. I try to play any games that I've installed in the computer and none of them was able to be operate.

I've just try to boot scan, but they found nothing on the computer.

And about hiberfil.sys and the other file, I may be wrongly suspicious. And I'm not sure what file to point out.