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VoIP's: Memory Use and Protection
« on: December 24, 2009, 11:18:55 PM »
My first question concerns VoIP's extensive memory usage. There are several VoIP technologies available -- Skype, Raketu, TokBox, Logitech Vid (proprietary to Logitech company) .. and likely many more, or more to come.

The issue before my eyes is that these VoIP technologies occupy an extensive amount of memory; and the technologies ancillary to VoIP's also occupy an extensive amount of memory -- eg, my Logitech webcam promises to occupy nearly 1GB ram (i have not yet integrated it, but the accompanying literature recommends 1GB ram); add to this the extensive amount of memory occupied by Vista32's necessary ancillaries; and add to this the memory occupied by Avast Pro and MBAM (real-time).

I am using 3.25 GB ram, but I suspect that even if I don't open even a single IE8 window, I may still be looking at a paging condition with consequent crashing.

I am asking Avast's Techs to respond to this.

Secondly, in connection with, I assume that Avast can now fully protect against all these channels/technologies for intrusion?