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Re: Privatefirewall is now free
« Reply #60 on: December 31, 2009, 05:04:49 AM »
Until a site comes up with a better way, which tests all aspects of the firewall that is what we have. This site tests leaks, tests stealth, combine the results of both and you have some sort of representation of your firewall.

So what if it didn't test the latest version, if you have a later version, you would have to assume that it would improve from earlier versions as they surely benefit from the previous tests.

It isn't rocket science, its common sense. I don't care who might be embarrassed or which one is at the top if the heap in the current round of tests, if your firewall is in the top group, ratted excellent that is fine.

Something which isn't tested in the firewalls and that is personal preference as only you can test that. The firewall has to meet your needs and not be a pain in the ass to use, not constantly bugging the user for answers as for the most part users haven't got a clue what the answer is.

I have used the same Firewall in various versions for around 6-7 years, it is like a pair of comfortable shoes now, has it come top during that time yes, is it right now no, so what, has it let me down in all that time NO. There you have real life and not arbitrary testing, is it the best is a subjective question and has to meet the requirements of the user not any test.

If it achieves satisfactory results it doesn't have to be top dog, so long as it meets the users requirements, has a reasonable interface, isn't always bugging the user, then that should be enough.
I also agree :)
I understand it now,thanks DavidR and rdmaloyjr


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Re: Privatefirewall is now free
« Reply #61 on: December 31, 2009, 05:26:34 AM »
Do you mean:

If so, Matousec didn't include the latest version of Privatefirewall in their latest round of tests.

Two reasons I don't like Matousec:

1) They only evaluate firewalls by "leak tests".

2) Their tests are lopsided, that is they compare old versions of some firewalls against new versions of others.  For example, they used the newest Comodo against Privatefirewall v6, v7 was available but not used. ::)

shiw liang & DavidR,

Notice my highlight in red.  "Leak tests" are over rated, there is more to firewalls than "leak tests", Vlk & Lukor pointed out this.  For some the Windows fw is best if they don't know how to use a fw that requires user input.