Author Topic: ADNM Console Administrator Password Reset Possible?  (Read 7107 times)

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ADNM Console Administrator Password Reset Possible?
« on: January 17, 2010, 05:57:58 PM »
I have a client that I installed ADNM before Xmas as a trial to replace Sophos.

I thought they had sorted the licence out before Xmas and they have now told me they haven't.

It has gont past the 60 days and I am unable to login to ADNm.

Is this because it has gone past the 60 days?

Is there a way to reset the password?

Do I have to reinstall and redeploy?

There are sorting the licence out this week.

The password was changed as we caught one of the accounts trying to play with ADNM, accountants get back to your calculators!



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Re: ADNM Console Administrator Password Reset Possible?
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2010, 07:51:40 PM »
you can delete the current database and import a backup from before the password was changed...
problem is that you dont know WHEN it was changed... so unfortuanately i think you have to recreate the database from scratch (dont need to reinstall)

go to the AMS Maintanance tool (found in the start menu from the AMS server) and delete the DATABASE and then recreate a new one.... everything should be with standard settings then (including passwords)....

but to me there are a couple questions rising:

1) how the hell did the accountant get access to the AMS server?? (since the ADNM console is not standard installed on other computers)
2) how did he "guess" the password??
3) Fire his *ss for tempering with the company security or at least have the human resources department put an official reprimand in his file, with other words what are the things done to him so he learns that he cant do this anymore?
4) again.... how did he get access to anything from the AMS/ADNM