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Firstly: credit where it's due - I think Avast being free is one of the web greats and it has saved my hyde a few times - so thank you!
I happily have Firefox set up to scan all downloads on completion using the 'download statusbar' plug-in and it links simply to ashQuick.exe in the Avast folder.
So a pre-emptive question - as I don't want to unsettle my setup if neccessary: will a new rebuilt avast5 still allow me to do this???
Many thanks in advance for any information,
Kind regards, your hard work is appreciated by this user of your product,


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Your file system shield will scan any file as it is written. ashQuick is still in avast 5.

You will not get any notification it has been scanned unless the file is infected.


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I use the Download Statusbar as well. It's really just a cosmetic change to FireFox, so everything still works the same on the back-end for downloading.

I can confirm Avast WebShield works with it all.

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I use GetRight, a download manager.  I'd been using AshQuick.exe from Avast! v4.8.1368 to scan the file when GetRight was done downloading.  GetRight called AshQuick.exe.  The difference is that v4.x showed the AshQuick window scanning (sometimes just a flash if the file was small) while v5 shows no window on a clean download.  There is just a small pause at the end of a 39MB download and no entry in any log to indicate that any scan happened.  OTOH, a right-click scan in Windows Explorer shows a window with the result and a log entry.

I wish there was some visual indication every time that AshQuick.exe is invoked.

Regardless, Avast! 5 is a fine product, and the development team deserve congratulations.
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Thank you all above for info. Will give 5 a try when it gets rubber stamped!
As for ashQuick.exe - as I like to always know what is going on, I set (in the 'common' settings section) 'Show results of Explorer Extension' to on. Everything scanned by ashQuick.exe then comes up with a results box - some like this, others just want the quick flash on screen. I prefer to have a gentle nudge when I have lots going on.
Thanks, all, again,


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I wish there was some visual indication every time that AshQuick.exe is invoked.

Well, here's how I resolved that deficiency:

Created a batch file to be called from my download manager.

The batch file sets the colors I want for the console window.

Then it displays informational data.

Next it calls ashQuick.exe with the name of the downloaded file
as passed to it from the download manager.

Displays a message that ashQuick is finished.

Pauses the display until a key is pressed.

Typical setup in Free Download Manager:

Under Options/Download options/All downloads
check the box for "Perform virus check",
enter the path to the batch file.
e.g. - d:\avast5\call_ashquick.bat
Under "Arguments" enter %file%
and ensure that the "Extensions" includes all of the file
extensions you want to be scanned. If an extension isn't
listed, the scan won't be invoked by FDM.

Here's the contents of my call_ashquick.bat file:

@echo off
title avast! ashQuick
color 1F
echo Starting ashQuick using /action:chest ...
echo Scanning %1
call "c:\program files\Alwil Software\Avast5\ashQuick.exe" /action:chest %1
echo ashQuick finished!

You can run this bat file just by double-clicking on it to see
what the display looks like without passing a file name. The
filename will normally appear wherever the %1 is found in the
.bat file. Or call it from the command line prompt supplying a
filename to see it in action:


The options supported by ashQuick in v5 are:

/silent - don't display anything even if malware is found
          (the difference is only in the return code available to the
           program that launched ashQuick)

Images of output when nothing found and when a threat detected:
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I give avast V5 a rubber stamp. ;D