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Re: Avast X64 bit version for Windows 7
« Reply #30 on: January 31, 2010, 07:06:04 PM »
yeah but the problem is that rdmaloyj agrees with both opinions :D
??? ;D ;D ;D

I prefer pure x64, but I'm realistic, ALWIL isn't going to give us pure x64 now.

I have tried MSE 64bit, but I believe avast! 5 is better.  I do believe if ALWIL would make a pure x64 avast! 5 it would be slightly better than the current avast! 5 (for x64 OS), but more bugs to work out in more beta versions.  As it is, there are some saying avast! 5 shouldn't have been released yet. ::)

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Re: Avast X64 bit version for Windows 7
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So guys.... Are we saying that there is no benefit of creating a 64 bit version over 32 bit?
I agree with rdmaloyjr. Avast is a major player in AV industry and i personally think it will better for its image to provide an x64 bit version even if it does not provide any signification advantage over 32 bit version.

If the major players are not going to drive the move for 64bit than who would?  :(

You will never be able to feel the difference between a 32 app and a 64 bit app. Only when the app needs to access more ram than 32 bit would allow would you feel the difference. At this point in time games are the only apps that could truly benefit by being 64 bit.  Anyone that thinks they are only going to use 64 bit apps on their 64 bit windows at this point in time is in for a tough time as there are very few 64 bit apps. You might as well run a MAC.  
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