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I've already posted that in the wishlist, but yeah I'd rather start a new thread for this as well  ;)

 that would be nice if the traceroute and IP info options could be called directly from an alert Window. So that one has , if necessary, some info before accepting a connection. That would speed things up in some cases instead of having to open the main UI, copy the IP etc... (old sygate firewall offered this in the alerts  ;D )
 Also, when displaying the alert window in detailed view, would be nice if that was retained. Some apps connect to multiple IPs and the alert windows go back to simple view again and again  ;)

edit: also, it's been mentioned during the beta testing, all browsers and email client connections as you know appear like connecting to localhost due to the webshield and email scanner filtering, which is perfectly normal...but a bit annoying as you must watch the ports in avastsvc connections to find out what is what...I remember from an old thread Vlk mentioning they would try to change something about that behavior, not the proxies behavior, but the way connections are displayed.
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