Author Topic: high CPU load with Tweetdeck virtualized  (Read 2437 times)

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high CPU load with Tweetdeck virtualized
« on: January 22, 2010, 02:26:40 PM »
yes, just as the title says, this app goes CPU mad when running virtualized. Also weird behavior with a secondary empty red frame, as if there was something else running  ??? Would be nice if that one could run fine because it's one of the best external app for twitter, and as you know Twitter is not particularly safe of malware. BTW, and I already mentioned it, Network shield is scanning every single move of tweetdeck, and that's cool, but this is really a case where virtualization would be very approrpriate. Again, it works but with weird side effects. The CPU load doesn't last long but the secondary empty frame remains...OK I get it now, it cannot be the notification Window for new tweets, mine are deactivated, it's the splashscreen  ;D It only appears as an empty frame that doesn't go away when the the app is virtualized. Also, when closing the app in such conditions, ie virtualized, the process takes a little while before being actually terminated, it keeps eating CPU until it really dies while the main app red frame this time remains visible and empty on the desktop. OK, this said TweetDeck is not an easy one for virtualization I'm sure, as it's using adobe air  ;)
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