Author Topic: [AIS 5 Build 377]Minor Bugs in Firewall  (Read 1819 times)

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Timo Schmidt

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[AIS 5 Build 377]Minor Bugs in Firewall
« on: January 23, 2010, 01:10:17 AM »
Hi there - I just want to point out 2 minor bugs in the Firewall:

1. When a program is updated with a newer version sometimes it is listet twice in the Firewall Application Rules

2. When you start a program and this program accesses the Internet, it is listed first with the manufacturer (for example Adobe) and then - after clicking on the manufacturer - the application itself (for example Acrobat). But when you execute a Program with no manufacturer info which accesses the internet it is listed under "Others". When you execute a Program with a digital signature again, it is listed under Others too instead of under the manufactuerer name (for example "Others / Updater" instead of "Apple / Updater". Only solution is to delete the others group and to execute all signatured programms first befor you execute the unsignatured programs.

Hope this will be fixed soon because the other group is becoming larger and larger with this bug after you run your first unsignatured program.