Author Topic: Avast 5 GUI bugs + Screensaver Scanning bug  (Read 2009 times)

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Avast 5 GUI bugs + Screensaver Scanning bug
« on: January 24, 2010, 04:12:16 AM »
So far I've used Avast 5.0.377 with no real major issues, but I have noticed these two particular bugs surface during my experience.  Before formatting to 7, I ran Vista Home Premium x64 (SP2, fully updated) and had the initial avast 4.8 installed.  If you're curious I did a full uninstall, including running the avast uninstall utility in safe mode before installing avast 5.  Anyway, the issue relevant to this is the Screensaver Scanning bug, where I noticed that the "Avast Antivirus" option under where you can choose the screen saver in the display settings was no longer there.  Reboots and the like didn't change that, and I think a suggestion that may help when resolving this bug is to also include a way of knowing whether or not the screensaver scanning is enabled or not in the GUI (unless there is a way to check that I don't know of yet).  From my observations, even though it didn't show up there, the screen-saver scanning was not taking place.  When I did a fresh format to Windows 7, I did in fact see "Avast Antivirus" show up in the screensaver options, so I'm not sure if it was an uninstall/reinstall issue or a Vista issue.

As for the GUI bug, I'm not sure if this applies to other OS's but it seemed to apply to Vista Home Premium x64 SP2 as well as 7 Pro x64 from my observations (don't know how encompassing this bug is).  Anyway, the shared issue I noticed was after installing Avast, the GUI window was resized to be pretty big to match the large resolution of my monitor (big enough to show the whole upgrade ad in the default summary screen).  I think after rebooting that somehow reset and it was much smaller so that you had to scroll down just to see the upgrade ad on the summary screen.  It apparently seems like this new GUI size for avast is the default one as it has stayed like that ever since, and you may be able to reproduce this by simply messing around with the size of the window and rebooting a few times in different setting situations to see what happens.

Not really a major problem, but the weird part that I noticed only on Windows 7 Pro x64 was an apparently random moment where I tried opening the GUI manually through the system tray and it flew to the top left corner of my screen.  I moved it back and closed it and it seemed to revert to its original position until I opened it again and clicked the "Summary" tab.  Upon clicking that, the window would immediately fly back to the top left corner of my screen again and it was simply reproduced by repeatedly clicking the summary tab.  Clicking on the other tabs did not appear to affect this at all.  I somehow doubt this is related to Windows saving the Window positions because I wasn't clearing anything temporarily stored in between these occurrences.  If it helps, my settings for the GUI included me having the "use special graphical effects" and "animate when scanning" turned off.  This has only happened once and I can't really find a way to reproduce it yet.  The only way I managed to resolve this was by simply rebooting.

If you need any more info I'll see what I can do, but that is essentially the gist of it.

EDIT: Noticed another minor GUI bug (really minor) but if you update the program via "Program Update" rather than the signature/engine one and it updates to the latest signature, the new up-to-date name of the signature (100225-0 for example) will not show up as the current signature in the maintenance tab area until you either close/navigate out of that tab and then return.
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