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Need comparative update...!!!
« on: January 24, 2010, 04:27:07 PM »
In the past I have used avast4 and I must say it did a fair job, though on thelong run I began to collect some rogue trojans/virus. Now that I upgraed to Windows 7 I chanced upon MSE. Thinking that Microsoft would provide somewhat best security software for their products from their stable I uninstalled Microsoft Security Essentials. Unfortunately a recent Trojan attack made me think perhaps MSE is not what it claims. Even though MSE diagnosed the presence of a trojan and I thouroughly removed it I kept getting the warning message so I had to run ESET online scanner and got it removed.
This abovesaid incident made me look for better software for home users and I read some reviews in PCMag and another site dedicated to AV ratings. In the ratings for free AV programs both Avast5 and Panda Cloud AV were given rave reviews.
Now I just would like to know how does Avast fare well in comparison to Panda Cloud AV?
The reviews mentioned that Panda CAV scores better than avast when it comes to detection but Avast score ahead of Panda CAV in removal. They suggested Panda for real time and avast for removal, though I think it is unwise to experiment just like that.
Any suggestions regarding my dilemma and to make a better choice is welcome.
Kudos to Avast 5 n the team for a wonderful GUI. Hope they do maintain the efficacy of the program in fighting Trojans/Viruses.