Author Topic: When should a Web Sites IP be affixed to the Avast Mail Scanner ???  (Read 1621 times)

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I do not use pop3/SMPT services on my machine and as such disabled services related to this.
I as well have an IPSEC policy in place that is supposed to block the use of SMPT services.

As of late I have noticed several instances of various web sites that are affixed to the avast mail scanner.

Though was not the case when originally discovering a yahoo mail IP on my firewall log as I was at the time composing a letter on my gmail account, as well running nslookup on a block of IP address's.
Both appeared as they should have on the firewall log when I began to have issue with my gmail account and firefox browser.
Upon closing the browser and checking the FW log is when I noticed the yahoo mail IP on the log.
Since I have closely monitored my machine utilizing both WinDump as well TCPView and as of late have noticed various sites IPs attaching to the avast mail scanner.

Usually the sites are Movie or Streaming content related.....

So my question is it normal to find the avast mail scanner with a web sites IP address affixed to it when you are not actually sending nor receiving mail from or to that location??

Or is this some POP3 mail hack attempt ???

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated....