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I'm a new one there.I find that if i download something(for an example something like virus ) from Web page,maybe our avast Web shield can not ,but when i use Right Scan,avast can find it out .
I remember that avast4.8 would not happen like this .(at lest i use it so long)
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呵呵 没关系 我会中文 从这个地址下载个测试病毒 然后你用右键扫描 小a应该可以查到

The op asks if he can download something like a test virus that avast can't detect with webshield but can be detected if he used the context menu scan.

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Try tests with https. The item won't be scanned by WebShield and will be by the context-menu.
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That is the whole point of HTTPS (secure) connections to keep prying eyes out including your AV.

So the web shield can't scan encrypted traffic so it doesn't try to, once the file is saved to the hard disk it is no longer encrypted and can be scanned by the file system shield and the right click (ashQuick.exe) scan...
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