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Infect Unknown Virus
« on: February 01, 2010, 06:20:32 AM »
My 2 computer was infected by plugging a Digital Camera last night.

The Camera was owned by my customer.

When plugging to the usb port the computer suddenly become slower.

I did scan the Camera using 3 different Protection but still no detection before opening it.

What i use?

PC1= MBAM & Avast 4.8

PC2= AVG 9

After rebooting i notice my "Folder Option Disappear".
Upon double clicking the "My Pictures", "My Music" & ETC in My Documents. It open a new tab and cant open inside the files.


Im thinking the keyboard doing this... Filter but no!!! Because the same happens on my 2 pc and i was their when plugging it.

I did full scan in Avast 4.8, AVG 9 and MBAM still no detection.

I also did Safemode scan using MBAM still no detection.

I just did a full reformat for my 2pc.

I know it has no longer evidence because i just reformat it.

Im only asking anyone of you guys encounter with the same as mine?

What kind of virus infect my system?

Added info:
I also use System Restore Still no effect.
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