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Re: YouTube HTML5 Video Player
« Reply #45 on: January 26, 2010, 08:27:02 AM »
I'm a little bit lost amongst this lot

but currently on Chrome and download 'when the levee breaks' as mp4 through google download service. Now play the download using Windows Media Player 11. All good. Next go to Firefox (other computer) and try same thing. First check plays in browser. It does. Then download through google service and media player 11 won’t play video of downloaded mpeg 4 file. Hmm. I guess this is the problem.

Still I’m a little bit lost. I convert firefox download of mpeg 4 file to .wmv using Leawo and when I try and play with media player 11 and all good. Same thing using Format Factory to convert to wmv and all good.

I’m primarily engaging with software at user application layer so I’m a bit unknowing as to what else is happening underneath the browser (say, at session layer). Nonetheless I find ways around doing things even if I am a bit lost that there may be other things going on in layers beneath. And obviously in this case there is something going on. Seems like Firefox didn’t come to party, and Google have always been ready to tempt fate especially when it might put them in an untouchable category.

I cannot help but feel we have the makings of what Polonus refers to as very elaborate moves in the browser positioning chess-game, and I wonder how it is that commercial parties would be able to play with the title html 5 when html as a concept is surely inseparable from web services administered through W3C.

But then I’m mostly at user application layer and, while don’t have time to watch too much video through my browser, I do tend to get what I want with anything I can pull down to my desktop.

And on the wider scheme of things, on the small amount I’ve read so far, it will be interesting to watch this  codec and no codec situation play out over the next year..

Edit - Firefox downloaded faster
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Re: YouTube HTML5 Video Player
« Reply #46 on: February 05, 2010, 11:23:00 AM »
H.264 video codec stays royalty-free for HTML5 testers
Freetards stand down - MPEG LA has decided to slash royalties to zero for anyone wishing to use the H.264 codec for free streaming of internet video until the end of 2016.

Mozilla still not interested  ;D