Author Topic: Avast 5.0.396 and SAM Broadcaster Mic issue  (Read 2260 times)

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Avast 5.0.396 and SAM Broadcaster Mic issue
« on: February 05, 2010, 10:10:52 PM »
Hi All

When i had Avast 5.0.396 Free Version in, Mic was all static with this program--nothing i did could fix it, i like your program for the response and speed it provides on the PC, but unforuately with SecondLife and this DJ program doesn't work that well for me, for now had to switch to MSE til i find out if this is a bug or a setting issue, but rest assured i really wanna use Avast 5.0

Will Come back to Avast immediately if there is a way to solve the issues which i will list below

Stream Lagging while Djing with Avast in
Mic going from all clear to static
and slow loading of requests

Otherwise Avast was working great

Second Life uses 100 percent CPU and alot of memory, but been using that for well over a year now

NO BSODS or Freeze ups with it
Previous Av prior to Avast 5.0 coming out was MSE i had in

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