Author Topic: avast! 5 - network and mail scanners wait for wireless connection  (Read 2271 times)

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I noticed since I updated from avast 4 to avast 5 that now the real time network and mail scanners do not start on boot-up until the wireless network icon shows that it is connected.
This is a problem because you can use the connection before the connection icon shows that it's connected. So that means that attacks could take place before the avast! real time scanners are ready.

I know Microsoft is partly to blame because the connection icon should show as soon as it's connected, but avast! shouldn't be waiting to turn on the real time scanners IMO. Is there any way you guys could change avast! 5 to enable the mail and network scanners BEFORE the wireless network connection shows it connected?
I am using Vista 64 with the latest updates. I have a feeling this is going on in XP as well since XP also has the delayed wireless connection icon problem too.