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SQL slow
« on: February 09, 2010, 04:21:14 PM »
I've seen several posts on here about slow SQL client access after an Avast install (from 2007 mostly) but none with a solution so I guess it's a silly config thing and no one has bothered to post a solution.

I've got managed clients on my XP SP3 workstations and a server install managed on a Server 2003/SQL 2000 server. No other AV softare installed. The server has 6Gb memory and 8 cores none of which is under any stress but clients report very slow access.

I had initially set clients to be unable to interact with Avast so I can't try pausing providers etc. Have reversed that rule (I think) and I'm just waiting for it to propgate to clients so I can test. Thought I'd post here in the meantime in case there is something silly I've missed...

Many thanks