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Install issue
« on: February 09, 2010, 09:19:47 PM »
I left an  URGENT message yesterday - Ticket ID:  YOB-543293 and have had no response at all.

I want to try Avast Internet Security 5 on my new Archos 9 Tablet PC. I installed it as a trial version, but it will not let me activate the product. So now I have what appears to be a perfect program for the Archos 9, but because Avast wont allow me to activate a trial version i don have all the latest security updates and my Archos is at risk.

I do not want to purchase it till i test it out properly. I am extremely dissappointed that Avast have not attended to my dilema. I could just purchase the full version, but im affraid that it also will not activate, and then how would i get a refund? Also, support doesnt seem to pay attemntion to the support requests.

I will be unistalling Avast tomorrow if I cannot get this issue resolved. But then, form the forums, I know that I have to expect a great deal of hassel to uninstall this and install Microsoft Internet Security.

Please can the support techs address this issue.

So now i see there is a new version! But this is BETA? Is Version 5 Internet Security a BETA version or a fully released version? DO I need to uninstall my current version which I cant activate anyway and install this new version? My current not activated version is 5.0.396