Author Topic: Avast 5 - Vista Shut downs slow...  (Read 1907 times)

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Avast 5 - Vista Shut downs slow...
« on: February 18, 2010, 07:55:16 AM »
I finally got the cojones up to install Avast 5. It didn't go so well at first, despite what some say you cannot update over 4.8 but I backed up my 4.8 logs and chest just in case so I really didn't care. However after updating to 5.0.418 I noticed Vista shuts down very slowly or at it did about 10 minutes ago which was the last time I did so.

Here's a brief breakdown of the update:

1.) Read forums saw 5.0.418 was a stable release by popular consensus.
2.) Forwent installing the earlier 5.0 release I downloaded before and downloaded 418.
3.) Attempted to install over 4.8, the files copied over.
4.) Restarted as asked. When I got back to desktop I was told Avast failed to load because AshBase.dll was missing.
5.) Uninstalled Avast 5 and rebooted. (This shut down was normal)
6.) Came back, logged in.
7.) Attempted install again, success, Avast loaded itself on the spot. Received ballon confirmation Avast was installed successfully.
8.) Even though I wasn't asked to I restarted the PC of my own free will. (Shut down was very very slow, could've walked to Pluto and back in the time it took. I thought I had installed a Service Pack.)

This is a perliminary probe into the problem and any advice would be welcomed, and sorely needed, I also need to see if it'll happen again. Though I must say that the interface is nice and the new registration feature is pure GENIUS!! I just pray it's compatible with my games and other protection software. :)

I also like how each scan, and shield can have it's own report file. You have no idea how much easier that makes my life. :XD

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Re: Avast 5 - Vista Shut downs slow...
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2010, 12:27:19 PM »
If the slow shutdowns persist, I suggest an installation from the scratch:

1. Download the latest version of avast! Uninstall Utility and save it.
2. Download the latest avast! version and save it.
3. Uninstall avast from Control Panel (if possible). If, for any reason, you can't run it, try booting in Safe Mode and doing it from there. Anyway, boot after that.
4. Run the avast! Uninstall Utility saved on 1. If, for any reason, you can't run it, try booting in Safe Mode and doing it from there. Anyway, boot after you've run it.
5. Install avast! using the setup saved on 2. Boot.
6. Register your free copy or add the license key for Pro.
7. Check and post the results.
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