Author Topic: newsgroup and mail niggles with 5.0.418  (Read 2212 times)

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newsgroup and mail niggles with 5.0.418
« on: February 20, 2010, 05:13:19 AM »

Just a couple of problems I was looking for workarounds for if possible.

I get a few emails in HTML format from trusted contacts but if I select "insert note into" then avast overrides any settings in outlook and turns them into plain text to append its note. Is there any way to get a note added without changing to plain text as it makes the emails in question a total pain to read?

The second problem is enabling the nntp scanning  causes the connection to fail to Virginmedias text server completely  and massacres the speeds to every other server I have tried. Does anyone know why the VMserver terminates the connection if the scanner is on and allows it if it is off?

I installed 5.0.418 over 4.8 earlier today and encountered a more serious problem however.

When I restarted immediately after installation something went very wrong and the computer did not manage to start all the normal startup programs and ran like an utter dog to the point I couldn't use the task manager or open the start menu.

I restarted and encountered the same problem.

The eventual fix was to open the avast control panel as quickly as possible and turn off all real time shields - this allowed it to restart normally  the next time.

Once it had successfully loaded then all real time scanners can be turned back on and there seems to be no more problems.

Given the above I am wondering if I should uninstall it completely and use the clean up tools and try a new, clean, installation or if I should frankly leave well enough alone while I still have a bootable OS.

Any advice?

dr del