Author Topic: Avast! 5 proactive defense level?  (Read 2323 times)

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Avast! 5 proactive defense level?
« on: March 09, 2010, 07:25:29 AM »
I was investigating AVs for quite a long time, but now I cannot find a simple test which meant to test the proactive defense and used Avast! 5 FREE or PRO, only Avast! 4.8 . So now I would like to ask You, if you could make some points how good / bad (hopefully good :) ) it is measured to for example Nod32, Avira or Kaspersky maybe. So once more: I would like to know what you think, which one's proactive defense (realtime) is the best, and why? : Avast! 5 Free/pro  ;  Nod32  ;  Avira  ; Kaspersky AV

(I want to know that, because I've seen more tests in wich Avast!5 Free was much faster the ones above except for Avira.)
Thanks in advance!