Author Topic: AVAST free,sound issue FIXED,THANK GOD!!!!  (Read 1595 times)

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AVAST free,sound issue FIXED,THANK GOD!!!!
« on: March 10, 2010, 02:58:21 PM »
after a while, but it looked more like an eternity.
seems the sound problem with the P2P shield was finally fixed.
I'm listening music right now while avast its scan emule and utorrent at the same time and so far no problems.
finally, now the AVAST has a P2P shield working.
THANK YOU, I hope avast obtain stability until the end of the year, so I buy the AIS version.
2 days without problems,but I'll continue doing tests with avast. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
read my topic about the subject.
AVAST free 5.0.462 fix all sound issue. ;D
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