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I was watching a video online with my
Macbook Pro 2010 Model, OS X Version 10.6.8 Snow Leopard
using FireFox Version 28.0, Flash player version
(I recently updated my flashplayer through the official Adobe Flashplayer website.)

The page refreshed, suddenly connecting to the page
(The number after "update" seems to change every time the browser attempts to access the page)

Which was blocked by the Red Avast Page
(the page that says "....if you want to connect anyway, turn off avast and connect")

and I got the  Infection Detected Warning message, which I will post as attachments.

I only got this message when I watched the exact same video at DailyMotion. (I checked on YouTube as I wrote this post, but it seem to be playing it without any problem.  It seems to be fine with other websites as Im only getting the Red Avast page + infection detected on same video in DailyMotion.

Is my Firefox infected or has Avast! blocked it from doing any harm?
(according to research, the URL means that non-genuine flashplayer has been installed, which I do NOT recall doing.
I have downloaded and installed a  genuine copy of flashplayer  donwloading a dmg from the Adobe Flash homepage, which was accessed from
Google searching "Flash Player" couple days back)
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