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the ghost

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what version
« on: April 14, 2010, 09:39:56 PM »
couls you tell me what the newest version of AIS is up to
as i uninstalled a program relating to my scanner and re booted and avast was not working every thing had stopped nothing i did would restatart it i also noted that the licece had been removerd and it would not accept my licence.

so uninstalled it restarted the pc installed AIS from my disc used licence on disk it all running now after a bout 5 mins it said new version is out so clicked on th elink but it seems notto do anything even from manual update vdefinitons or program update it just keeps trying

my version is 5.0.507
virus deff 100414-1
maybe these are the newest but it keeps trying to download

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Re: what version
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the ghost

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Re: what version
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seems yto have sorted it self out after another reboot