Author Topic: Bug on virus definitions updates 100414-1  (Read 3165 times)

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Bug on virus definitions updates 100414-1
« on: April 15, 2010, 02:46:10 AM »
Well this bug is not related to the program versions. Why? before i update the virus definitions it has no problem on start up on system tray.

Im using Avast 5.0.462 Free.
Manual update Virus definitions settings

Well this bug seems not all Avast users will experience it.

Someone asking about webshield and mailshield has problems.

Here's the link

I update my Avast about 10-15 days because im using Deep Freeze.. This bug seems always gets me. Last time it was the scanning bug. I mean when even i manual update my clients i always gets this bug virus definitions. The virus definitions is 100414-1.

I try my 3 clients.... One is good running but the other 2 got this problem.
The bug Will effect after you update it then restart the computer... I noticed that REAL TIME SHIELDS appearing to be red and it will takes 2-3 minutes before real time shields working again.

Well the remedy for this is clicking the repair button. But its annoying doing it.

Dont ask me about computer specs because this client were all very fast computers.

Actually my clients starts window in less that 30 secs starting pressing the power button.. included avast system tray. I mean about 25 sec all system tray is running fine.

I know V5.0.507 is official now but this bug is not related to program versions.
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